Glock 20SF: 100 round review

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The tease is over. My new gun showed up yesterday and I got a chance to shoot it this morning.

I've been wanting a woods/mountain pistol for a while. I don't spend a lot of time out in the wilderness where things have the potential to attack humans, but I do from time to time. In the past I have used what pistols I have and tried to find the best loadings I could for them. We are headed out to Colorado in a few weeks to camp with some ex-freighbors and I figured it was high time to fill this hole in my arsenal.

I wanted to keep things as close to my carry/competition setup as possible which means semi-automatic pistol, carried inside the waistband (IWB). Granted, a BFRevolver is able to deliver more powerful rounds, but I rarely shoot revolvers and I couldn't carry the way I am used to. The most powerful round that would fit in a gun that met the criteria is the 10mm Auto. (I did consider the .460 Rowland and a conversion to one of my 1911's for a while, but the gigantic compensator would seem to rule out carrying IWB.)

So, what gun to deliver the 10mm?

If Smith & Wesson made an M&P in that caliber, I would have been all over it. That's my carry and competition platform and I feel very comfortable with them. But they don't ...

Bren Ten? Just kidding.

EAA Witness/Tangfolio? I have to be honest, I have always wanted one of these, but no, too different, too exotic for a woods gun, IMO.

Smith & Wesson 1006/1076? It was high on the list, but it's too different from the carry/comp rigs. The guns have a faithful following though.

The Glock 20? Close, but just too fat in the grip for me, and I don't have small hands.

The Glock 20SF? Yes.

I finally found a Glock I can shoot!

I wouldn't say the 20SF feels great in the hands like the M&P does, but it's not bad. It rubs my thumb and middle finger of my shooting hand a little bit, the grip texture sucks, but whatever. It's not the kind of gun you are going to shoot all day. Somehow it doesn't feel like it has that extra tilt forward that Glocks have, which I am thankful for. Also, the sights are lame, meh.

The trigger kicks ass though. I know, I can't believe *I* just said that. Mr. 1911 trigger snob, likes the trigger on this gun. I haven't done any of that 25 cent trigger job stuff or anything like that on it either.Right out of the box it has almost no over travel, and unlike my last Glock (g17) the sites don't go all wobbly off to the left when the trigger breaks. The take up is a little springy, but once you get to the resistance it's just a linear increase in pressure until it breaks, and as I said there is very little over travel to disturb things after it breaks. Well done. Why wasn't my g17 this good?

I shot two kinds of ammo in it, and it ran perfectly as expected.

The first ammo I put through it was Federal XM10 180 gr FMJ. It felt a little weaker than most of the factory 180 grain 40S&W loads I have shot. Ok for practice, seemed to group ok.

After about 50 rounds of that I put 10 rounds of Winchester Silvertips through it. These are a 175 grain JHP @ 1290 fps, according to the box. Oh yeah, these babies have some kick. Nothing terrible, but a big difference compared to the XM10. From what I have read these Silvertips are one of the few factory loadings that use the full potential of the 10mm. Not sure how much this bullet likes to expand, but if it's not a big expander it would probably work for a woods load.

The brass I recovered is all bulged at the base both the XM10 and the Silvertips. Come on Glock, you still can't fix this? I guess a Lonewolf barrel is in my future.

I haven't carried it yet, but it sure is a thick bastard. I don't think I'll be changing my daily carry anytime soon, but the G20SF should be fairly OK in a good holster.

The pics

IMG_0203.jpgWinchester Silvertip


IMG_0213.jpgBig Betty

IMG_0214.jpgTook me about 50 rounds to start getting somewhat smallish groups. (Note all the bullet holes in the ceiling, not mine, LOL.)

IMG_0215.jpgBest group at approximately 20 feet. (Not very far admittedly)

IMG_0216.JPG10 rounds of the Silvertips.

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